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Plasticase’s carrying cases

Plasticase manufactures injection molded, industrial strength carrying cases. We provide a wide array of recreational, medical, military, and industrial products. Among these are instrumentation, custom, plastic, personalized packaging, and equipment carrying cases. These are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and grades, including light, medium, and extreme duty. We keep a large number of units in stock at our establishment, and can also fill custom orders. Order sizes range from as few as ten to as many as ten thousand. Whatever your need may be, we are known for our quality products that are delivered in a timely and affordable manner.

We are also a socially responsible enterprise that is strongly committed to the principals of tact, verve, and integrity. Our attention to detail is second to none, and it is our meticulous and value engineered workmanship and craftsmanship that have allowed us to thrive and expand for over 25 years. Our primary focus is on fostering mutually beneficial B2B relationships with our clients in order to maximize their return on investment. Since our inception, we have sold millions of plastic carrying cases to companies and customers around the world.

In addition, as a full service company, we also provide injection molding, custom designs, silk screen printing, foam interiors, and many additional services. For instance, we can provide drop shipping, kit assembly, individual shrink wrapping, and brand options for promotional purposes.

Hence, Plasticase is a company that provide medium, light, and heavy duty carrying cases including proprietary versatile, reliable, and value engineered carrying cases. To obtain our comprehensive service and product catalogue, or to obtain a free quote, please contact us by email, at 1-800-783-6883, or (450) 628-1006.

Plasticase carrying case products

Plasticase is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of injection moulded plastic cases. Since our inception in 1984, we have sold millions of our designs to the medical, industrial, military, recreational, and commercial sectors. For instance, we sell carrying case products, as well as equipment, instrumentation, personalized packaging, and custom cases. In addition, everything that we sell is available in a diverse array of colours and sizes, as well as medium, light and extreme duty grades. We are also open to custom orders, which can range from a small order of 10, to large orders exceeding 10,000.

As a full service and service oriented company, we can accommodate any of your needs, no matter how big or small, in a cost effective, timely, reliable, and efficient manner. In addition, as a full service company, we are able to provide our clients with custom designs, complementary services, silk screen printing, injection moulding, and foam interiors for their carrying case products. We are also able to provide kit assembly, corporate branding, drop shipping, and individual shrink wrapping.

Moreover, Plasticase is a socially responsible enterprise that is dedicated to the principles of integrity, tact, and verve. Our scrupulous craftsmanship and workmanship have allowed us to form mutually beneficial relationships with our customers in order to maximise their ROI. With over 25 years of experience, our attention to detail is second to none, and our number one priority has always been customer satisfaction.

Thus, Plasticase is a customer oriented company that provides heavy, light, and medium duty carrying case products that are value engineered, versatile, reliable, and affordable. If you would like to obtain a free, no obligation consultation and quote, please contact us by email, at (450) 628-1006, or 1-800-783-6883. You can also visit our establishment at 1059 Des Enterprises Blvd. W, TERREBONNE, Quebec, J6Y 1V2.