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Your Plasticase’s computer case

A computer case is an essential piece that is required to protect the valuable hardware and data stored in your laptop or desktop, allowing you to carry it in public with perfect confidence that in its secure transport. Not every carrier will provide you with this degree of perfect confidence though. Trust the proven track record of the protective transport products made by Plasticase. Our products are made of hard, industrial strength plastic and are trusted by many as the best available on the market today.

The shape and size of the carrier that you require will generally depend on the form factor of the motherboard. This is because the motherboard is usually the largest component of a computer. We have available a variety of sizes from large to mini, and a range of mid-sizes. A mini sized carrier will only generally have two or three external bays. It is about 15 inches tall, while mid towers tend to be closer to 20 inches tall, and will contain three or four external bays. A large case on the other hand, is usually 24 inches or more, and can usually be placed directly on the floor. They can have up to 10 drive bays that can be accessed from the exterior.

The computer case will also include sheet metal enclosures. These components are used for drive bays and power supplies. They also usually contain rear panels to house tangential connectors that protrude from the expansion slots and/or the motherboard. Regardless of your specific needs, we have a product to suit you perfectly.

We are a leading manufacturer of premium grade computer case products.

Plasticase’s high endurance laptop hard case

There are many laptop hard case products available from Plasticase for the military, industrial, medical, commercial, and residential sectors. For instance, you can purchase one type that boasts auto pressure balance via a Gore-Tex membrane that is connected to a vent. Some others are dust, water, and crush proof. A molded plush foam liner inserted inside the carrier protects your technology from scratches and blunt force trauma. Many contain easy snap features for optimal accessibility, and you can also choose a laptop hard case with anodized aluminum latches. In addition, it is possible opt for special features such as combination locks for added security, or chrome steel corners.

Of prime importance is the weight of the carrier; easy transportability is key. Our laptop hard case products are all lightweight, affordable, and safe. These same features are not as readily available in a tradition metal or cloth product. Plastic is superior because it is cheaper, and protects against dents, corrosion, and unexpected shocks. It is also a recyclable material, and it is tasteless, non toxic, and odourless.

Plasticase is a value oriented and customer driven company that provides injection molded plastic equipment carriers, including state of the art light, medium, heavy, and extreme duty laptop hard case products. We were established in 1984, and since then, we have sold over one million products to numerous international clients. We also provide free samples, drop shipping, a certified warranty on all products, and replacement parts, kit assembly, individual shrink wrapping, special packaging, foam interiors, and silk screen printing for branding purposes. We can also ship orders ranging from ten to ten thousand.

If you would like to obtain our comprehensive services & products portfolio and catalogue, please contact us by email, call (450) 628-1006, or 1-800-783-6883. You can also visit us directly at 1059 Des Enterprises Blvd. W, TERREBONNE, Quebec, J6Y 1V2.