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Plasticase equipment cases

Plasticase designs light, medium, and heavy duty equipment cases. Below, is a brief list of some of our sets and their respective features:

Plasticase equipment case products

There are many companies that design, manufacture, and supply equipment case products. You can purchase onesuitable for industrial, commercial, medical, recreational, residential, and military purposes. You can also buy rack, special purpose, electronic, computer, musical instrument, and audiovisual cases.

For instance, if you are a DJ, you require something that can house amps, mixers, and audio racks. Many companies provide custom LP and CD carriers. There are also those built for durability and easy transport that have collapsible DJ gear setups.

If you enjoy building and repairing things, you can purchase custom tool chests as well. There are also hardware holders that were built specifically to house certain brands of tools. In addition, if you have valuable computer equipment that needs to be protected during transport, you can buy customized computer carriers. Many of these have removable and plastic casters, separate foam lined compartments, power supply and power cord spaces, and carpeted accessory compartments for manuals, cables, and computer mice.

If presentation is your number one priority, there are display equipmentholders built for museums and tradeshow expos. Many film studios also require specialized, durable transportproducts with various combination locks to prevent their valuable film items from being stolen. People with valuable A/V gear can also purchase custom AV equipment cases that are self-contained.

Plasticase is a service oriented and customer satisfaction driven company that specialized in injection moulded plastic carrier products, including a range of custom equipment case items. We were established in 1984, and have sold millions of our designs to thousands of different clients around the globe. If you would like to obtain our full product and service catalogue, please contact us by email, at 1-800-783-6883, or (450) 628-1006. You can also visit us directly at 1059 Des Enterprises Blvd W, TERREBONNE, Quebec, J6Y 1V2.