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Plasticase plastic casing products

Plasticase is a company that designs, manufacturers, and supplies plastic casing products. Since our inception in 1984, we have sold millions of injection molded cases to thousands of clients from around the world. We also provide a wide array of light, medium, and heavy duty cases for various medical, military, industrial, recreational, commercial, transport, residential, preservation, electronic, music, and audiovisual purposes.

For instance, we provide tech, weekend, vacation, pro, folio, max, attaché, snap, utility, lunch, kit, mezzo, mini kit, and extreme duty cases. We are also a full service plastic casing company which also provides injection molding, foam interiors, silk screen printing, complementary services, and custom case designs. For example, we also provide individual shrink wrapping, drop shipping, kit assembly, and special packaging.

In addition, all of our products are made in house, and we have a leading edge molding facility with a press capacity ranging from one hundred and ten to two thousand metric tons. We can also fill and process orders ranging from 10 plastic cases to 10,000 plastic cases.

We are also an innovative driven and socially responsible enterprise that is constantly developing new and improved cases that maximize convenience, durability, style, security, versatility, and cost effectiveness. For instance, we have recently designed several new Clikcase models to accommodate the unique needs of our diverse clientele. Furthermore, we provide a certified warranty on all of our products, as well as replacement parts and free product samples. We will also usually ship cases within 48 hours.

Try Plasticase’s hard plastic cases

Plasticase is a company that specializes in injection molded plastic cases, including proprietary hardcarriers. We were established in 1984, and design, manufacture, and supply all of our products in-house. Moreover, our multidisciplinary team consists of industrial designers, graphic designers, mold crafters, manufacturing engineers, and tool designers. We are also able to ship orders for as few as ten pieces, to as many as ten thousand.

In addition, we also provide free samples, replacement parts, and a certified warranty on all of our products. We are a full service company that also provides custom designs, injecting molding, foam interiors, and silk screen printing. We also have a number of complementary services, including, but not limited to, drop shipping, kit assembly, special packaging, and individual shrink wrapping. Our state of the art molding plant has a press capacity ranging from 110 to 2000 metric tons.

We are also a versatile company that provides a variety of sizes like mini, mid, and large, as well as weights from light, medium, heavy, and extreme-duty. We also provide specially-made varieties of our products for the military, medical, electronic, commercial, industrial, recreational, and residential sectors. For instance, we currently make mini kit, snap, clik, mezzo, multi, lunch, micro, pro, vacationer, attaché, weekender, tech max, folio, and utility hard plastic cases.

We are a socially responsible and customer driven company that has sold over one million items to thousands of international clients. Our value engineered approach to their design to completion process allows us to make durable, reliable, versatile, stylish, secure, and cost effective hard plastic cases that cater to the unique needs of our diverse clientele. We can also design and manufacture entirely personalized casing solutions for individual clients upon request.