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Plasticase storage cases

A wide selection of storage cases are available that can be used for a variety of purposes.Some are best suited for storing classified items, while others are adequatefor simpler home use. Depending on your needs, different custom options may be adapted into the product that interests you.

For instance, for something that can be used to store DVDs and/or CDs, many opt for a case that can be used in the car. Design features could includea detachable mounting system, as well as the capability of accommodating dual screens, headphones, accessories, cables, DVDs, and a DVD player as well if possible. This will allow you to plug -in -and -play your multimedia system when going on long road trips. It also helps to have multiple slots with built-in compartments for maximum accessibility.

Storage cases tailored for DVDs or leisure activities will differ significantly from those used for military purposes. These latter will be built for durability andwill be able to withstand bullets and mine explosions. Vibration and shock protection is essential, as is the ability to hold valuable intelligence and weaponry exceeding 400 pounds. Top design features include shock mount systems, and are elastomeric and precision based.

These present just two examples of the wide variety of options available in storage cases. Other uses include those suitable for holding and transportingan iPod, laptop, computer, or tools, as well as various commercial, residential, recreational or industrial products,and firearms, among other things. Custom options include waterproofing, fireproofing and those that are lightweight.

Plasticase’s Top 5 plastic hard cases

Plasticase is a manufacturer of injection molded plastic hard cases. Established in 1984, we provide a wide array of items in different colors and sizes. We also provide custom cases in any size or colour, as well as plastic hard cases with logos for branding purposes. Whether you need 20 or 20,000, our dedicated team of professionals have never missed or delayed an order in over 25 years. Below, is a list of the products that we currently manufacture:

In sum, we provide several different kinds and types of plastic hard cases, in any colour, size, or durability that you need. We have sold over 1 million units to our clients in the military, medical, industrial, residential, government, and commercial sectors. For more information, please visit our homepage. You can call us at 1-800-783-6883or at (450) 628-1006. You can email and also visit us directly at 1059 Des Enterprises Blvd. W, TERREBONNE, Quebec, J6Y 1V2.