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Plasticase tool case products

There are various tool case products available from Plasticase. We offer avariety of sizes such as large, small, and medium, and strengths, in light, medium, and heavy duty. You can also purchase tool cases with telescoping handles and wheels, as well as for military purposes. For instance, in our military design, there is the option to have two way handles and customizabledrawers. It could include a wheel system and trolley handle for easy accessibility and manoeuvrability, as well as buttress hinges that are heavy duty. Graduated deflector ribs are also standard features in most military designs, as are automated pressure equalization regulators.

It is also possible to purchase a rugged, ribbed cage that is super sized to carry a myriad of items. Many come equipped with exterior mesh accessory pouches, vinyl steel core handles, TSA accepted combination locks, recessed military style latches, and telescopic handles. They are also available in many colours and patterns, including full length piano hinge, and high-tech black valence. In addition, it is possible to buy rotational molded, high tech, mini tech, deluxe soft molded, pallet nylon zipper, trouble shooter, technician, telecom, master technician, polypropylene, vacuum pack, aluminum guardsmen, LAN, and combo tool case solutions. Regardless of your needs or budget, we have something available to accommodate your unique needs. In fact, some companies can design and manufacture an entirely customized product just for you upon request.

Plasticase tool cases

There are many tool cases available from Plasticase that are suitable for residential and industrial products and uses. For instance, for more industrial settings, we have available the super-size option that provides storage space for much larger items than a typical residential box would hold, including making accommodation for super-sized pallets. Options include built-in TSA combination locks, as well as cast key locks and black valence. You can also opt for getting a steel core handle that is vinyl stitched, with a rugged, high tech ribbed cage, and/or a full length piano hinge. Many of these super-sized tool cases are also available in a number of colours.

Another option offered isstandard polyethylene tool cases. The majority of these are moulded with a durable ribbed shell. Most also contain an interior HMW polyethylene body divider, as well as heavy duty valence, a molded pallet, and an instruction book or manual pocket for maximum convenience.

If you are looking for a soft moulded deluxe design, there are many options available. Among them are those with a faux leather vinyl exterior, deluxe manual pockets, golf grip handle, bottom divider, cast bolds, combination locks, an interior ABS thermoplastic shell, and an extruded anodized aluminum frame. There are literally thousands of different tool cases to choose from on the market for medical, industrial, commercial, recreational, residential, and military purposes.

Plasticase is a service oriented company based in Canada that provides an unrivalled selection of injection molded cases. With over 25 years of experience, we have sold over one million units to thousands of different clients around the world. To obtain our full product and service catalogue-with pricing details-please contact us at (450) 628-1006, 1-800-783-6883 (toll free), or email us. You can also visit us directly at 1059 Des Enterprises Blvd W, TERREBONNE, Quebec, J6Y 1V2.