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Plasticase transport cases

There are many transport cases available for the medical, military, industrial, commercial, residential, and recreational sectors. You can also purchase small, medium, and largestyles with light, medium, and heavy duty grades. For instance, you can choose something with an ABS shell that is rigidly shaped. Most are available with stylish embossing and custom detailing, and you can also opt for a stacking system with 8 point interlocking.

Many also have a built-in valence bending system. This allows for your belongings to be kept in a secure and tight interior, which will prevent moisture, dirt, and dust from entering. For added security, depending on the items contained, you can also purchase carriers with draw-bolt metal latches. Interestingly, even with their added security and durability features, our products are designed to be lightweight for easy transport. Some cases will also contain EPS inserts that are plush-lined. This will protect the contents form potential damage caused by blunt force trauma. Some also contain new, water-jet cut polyethylene.

If you are considering a transport case, it is usually recommended to choose plastic over metal. Plastic can be fully recycled and is odourless and non-toxic. Plastic is also shock resistant, as well as corrosion and dent resistant. Interestingly, even with these superior features, plastic actually costs significantly less than metal. These products are made using state-of-the-art injection molding that uses an ultra-strength propylene copolymer resin. You can store a wide variety of items in a standard transport case, including binoculars, GPS systems, fishing reels, optics, firearms, computers, laptops, telescopes, files, and musical instruments.

Plasticase transport case products

It is possible to purchase industrial, medical, commercial, military, recreational, and residential transport case products. You can also purchase medium, heavy, and light duty versionsavailable in mini, mid, and large sizes. You canchoosedesignswith custom detailing and elegant embossing features. It is also possible to opt for a rigidly defined ABS shell, or something that includes a 6 point interlocking stacking systems. Most of our modern designs also feature a built-in valence system which allows for your valued items to be stored in a tight and secure interior, impervious to dirt, moisture, and dust.

Moreover, there are versions that include metal latches that are draw bolted for extra security. Fortunately, despite the added security and heavy duty support of many transport cases, they are actually relatively lightweight. Many weigh less than 10 pounds in order to facilitate easy transfer. It is also possible to purchase plush lined EPS inserts that can protect military grade weaponry and other equipment from severe blunt force trauma. These are manufactured with polyethylene that is water-jet cut.

If you would like to purchase a transport case, it is highly recommended that you choose plastic over metal construction. This is because plastic is resistant to corrosion, shocks, and dents. It is also non-toxic and odourless, and can be fully recycled. In addition to these many benefits, using plastic is significantly less costly than using metal, which makes for considerable savings for consumers. Furthermore, the most advanced plastic transport cases will be moulded using leading edge injection molding that uses an industry strength propylene copolymer resin. As a result, these products can be used to store a wide array of items, including GPS systems, optics, computers, binoculars, classified documents, firearms, fishing reels, telescopes, musical instruments, and laptops.

Plasticase is a company that provides custom transport case products that are manufactured using proprietary injection molding. To learn more, please email or call us at (450) 628-1006, or 1-800-783-6883. You can also visit us directly at 1059 Des Enterprises Blvd W, TERREBONNE, Quebec, J6Y 1V2.